Getting things accomplished

Since being under the weather I hadn’t really gotten a lot done. A couple bursts of energy though definitely came through at the right time.

The first being yesterday to let me get a whack more writing done on C&M book 4. I’d gotten to a point where I feared I might have written myself into the proverbial corner. But, along with that burst of energy came some inspiration and a plot twist to explain everything, as well as keep me from backing into that corner. Got a good 7k words down yesterday before the brain called it quits and ordered me off to bed.

In other news, the first round of edits came in from Evernight. Bad news was I was in no condition to even look at them until today. Great new was that I have the fantastic Laurie Temple for my editor once again. This woman has seen me through both my previous books, keeping me and my characters in line. Couldn’t ask for a better editor.

Got all the edits done with the second wonderful burst of energy, and a lot of coffee to keep it going. Downside to that is I’m now buzzing around on caffeine so I think I’ll do some writing and burn it up while I have it.

Dangerous Secrets, C&M Security book 2 will be out sometime in July I believe. No date yet set but I will announce it as soon as I know when it will be releasing. Until then I am off to write, write, and write some more before I have to face going to work tomorrow.

10527366_284094728443222_7015729994854315924_nOh! Before I forget, just remember there is only a little over one day left to purchase a book from the Evernight and Evernight Teen sites where the book cover price, in full, will be donated to World Vision’s Education for Girls Fund. Any and all books are included in this amazing fundraiser by the Evernight team. But it must be purchased from their sites directly to count toward the grand total.

So have a lovely evening everyone ~ Moira

Day three of a four day weekend

Well, obviously I needed the time off! Without family obligations, hordes of running around, or dozens of projects to see to. Because, finally, I’ve got C&M book 3 done! That’s right, done. I’ve gone through the spell check, grammar check as far as I can figure it out (thank goodness for editors), and written up the synopsis. Which is really one of my least favourite parts of writing. But, it’s completed and ready to send off.

All I need to do now is package it up, hit send, and then it’s out of my hands. It feels really good to get this sucker done, lol! It gave me more than a couple grey hairs I think. Not that anyone will ever know for sure, wink-wink.

Of course, with C&M 3 out of the way I now need to start plotting on the fourth instalment. I already know who the characters will be, had that figured out a while back actually. The only book that was completely unexpected, yet insisted on being written, was book 2 of the series. It just came to me, but didn’t fit any of the set characters I already had planned. So, with a shrug, I tossed it into the mix. Which I think was a really smart plan. While I obviously plan most of the stories to a degree, a surprise here and there along the way isn’t amiss.

It fits in well with the rest of the books, showed a little more as well as a different look at C&M, the staff and their jobs, and it brought one of the characters (a main in book 3) out a little more. All in all it was a very happy little surprise.

Well, it’s about dinner time around here so I’m going to go and send off my stuff to Evernight and start cooking. Hope everyone has a lovely evening ~ Moira

Ahhh, Friday

Finally! It was a long, long week. Thankfully it is over. Unfortunately I know just how the next one’s going to start – not very pleased about that part. Not much to do about it though, so I shall enjoy my weekend, and ignore the fact it will be over far too soon.

This weekends big plans involve doing up edits on C&M Security, book one. I would have done them sooner but I just couldn’t concentrate, had a headache the one night, and was just too damn tired the rest of the time. So, tomorrow while I ingest mass quantities of coffee I will be reading through all the little notes my editor likely has in there. Oh, there will be many I’m sure.

I am hopeful though that it’s not overly horrendous. Oh, how I feel for you my poor editor. I do hope I’m learning though. Slowly I shall be the first to admit, but I truly think I am learning a bit of this. So we shall see. I did open it enough to see who the editor was, and read her first comments. But that was all I could manage since my head was just not in the game. Hell, I had to read it four times just to get what she was saying. All good in that initial comment I will say, thank God.

After I sweat my way through the edits I think I’ll get some writing done. I really haven’t done much this past week. I’ve got my path I intend to take on C&M 3, it should be great if it writes the way I think it will. As long as my characters don’t get all up in arms and decide to take over running the show. I never know with them, they are a bunch of characters for sure…HA!

Well, that’s it for me. I think it will be a nice and lazy night tonight. Have a great night, sweet dreams, and have a wonderful weekend ~ Moira

It’s only Tuesday!

Damn it. Yup, this just sucks. It’s going to be a long, long week, I feel it. Given the whacko’s I’ve already had to deal with at the paying gig (aka: day job) in the last two days I can only hope that they find their mother ship and return to wherever the hell they came from. There’s a planet out there in the universe that is clearly missing all their village idiots.

On much happier notes, I have the first round of edits back for C&M Security book 1. Took a quick peek in to see who my editor was, I have been blessed, I got the wonderful Laurie T again. I haven’t actually read through to see all her comments yet, but I will do that likely tomorrow. I just don’t have the energy tonight to even contemplate doing up edits. My brain isn’t in it.

No date yet on when it will come out, but I won’t really know until after round two edits are returned. I do know it’s this month so, yippee! for that at least, lol! Book 2 will be out in July, and if I keep going on book 3 the way I am, I might just manage to get it slotted in for August. If I can get beyond a point I’m currently wobbling at. I haven’t quite decided what to do with the situation my characters find themselves in.

It’s sort of a pivotal moment, depending on what I decide to do here will determine the next few chapters. I’ve been running various scenarios in my head, making notes and playing with it to see what would work best for the overall story and for the books to follow. While each book centers around the main characters, I do little lead ins, introductions and tiny reveals in each book so that there’s a sort of central thread through them all. At least that’s what I’m hoping I’ve achieved, lol! We’ll see if it works the way I hope it shall.

Well, that’s all I have to say tonight…I think. Off to watch a little nice, mindless, TV before I crash ~ Moira

Writing like mad

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there, mine in particular. As well, a very happy birthday to my mother. Gotta love it when I can send one big gift and cover both LOL! But I always go big or go home, you have to with your mother. After all, as mine so quaintly likes to put it (though I am paraphrasing slightly), she brought me into this world and she can damn well take me out. Now all I have to do is call and sing her a big ol’ happy b-day. And I can’t sing – but hell, it’s tradition now and expected.

While I await the golden hour to call her I’ve been working on my second instalment to my series. I’m hoping to have it finished either today or possibly tomorrow and then I can submit it and hope they accept it. I’m relatively sure they will but one never knows until the message comes through. But that’s the worries for later. First I need to finish the damned thing, lol!

I’m getting close to the big finish, just some details to slip in here and there leading up to the final reveal of the bad guy for this one. While both stories are romances there’s also an edge of mystery to them as well and some intrigue. That’s sort of the goal of the series. Give the readers something to hang onto while the relationship between the main characters develop and, hopefully, give them a satisfactory ending to the build up of what brought the characters together in the first place. It definitely wasn’t originally planned to go this way but I’m working with what my characters are giving me. And this is the path they chose so I’m just trucking along and hoping for the very best.

Thankfully the editors over at Evernight have been awesome so far. Well, the one I’ve worked with to this point has been awesome. I do still have my comma problem but I’ve been desperately trying to work on it. Trying to use them only when they are actually needed and work with the sentence structure. I guess we’ll see when edits come back if I’ve managed to tame them a little. I’m hopeful but thinking I have a ways yet to go.

Well, I think that’s it for today. Off to go write some sex into my book and figure out what dinner will be for tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and, again, Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there. You are awesome, you are strong and you help us find our paths in life. Never give up ~ Moira

That wasn’t

Really so bad. The edits I mean, lol! A couple cups of coffee and a few minutes to read the editors notes and it went pretty smooth. There was really only a couple of times she, my editor, stumped me. One was over a word choice which, I admit, I had to dig the Thesaurus out to figure out what I wanted to use instead of the word in there. The second was something that was actually pretty easy to fix, once the caffeine kicked in.

So, I’ll give them one more read through and then shoot them back. Might as well. They gave me two weeks to get them done but it’s a really, really short story so I don’t think that time’s needed, at all. I will also admit to adding in a little note to my editor for being so kind to me for the first round. Laurie was an absolute doll and even put in a few amused comments about various parts. I even got a couple “I LOVE this!” out of her, woohoo! LOL! It’s nice to know that you can make your editor grin in between making her grind her teeth at your use of comma’s and stuff.

Yes, I admit I am an idiot when it comes to comma’s and, apparently, some issues with sentence structure. Again, that whole advice about “write how you speak” is coming back to bite me in the ass. But she was kind about it, thank goodness, and hopefully I will take something away from this. Like maybe a slightly better understanding of the English language structuring.

Likely not, but I hold out hope!

Whew! Now that that is out of the way and sent back in, I think I will switch over to something with a little more punch in the beverage department. That and figure out what I feel like cooking for dinner since about 99.999% of things are seriously frozen at the moment. Then I think I will dig out my latest WIP and see if I can’t beat some of these damned characters into some form of submission.

Until later everyone ~ Moira