Just chillin’

Had a very relaxed day at work, huge shocker, but given the rather sunny conditions out of doors it was overly surprising. Pretty sure most of the city cleared out for camping this weekend. Happens rather regularly when the weather looks great – but this is Canada, that shit will change fast and you could very well wake up under six feet of snow trying to dig out of your tent. Yeah, that sounds like the bees knees of fun ways to spend a weekend. Not!

Working on a couple of stories right now. One may, may not, be a new series but I’m not overly concerned just yet. Still gotta write the damned thing LOL! The other one I’m still getting a feel for but it’s definitely of a paranormal vibe. Not my original thought but a new and decidedly odd one. It all started with a wayward thought, a TV show and Pepsi shooting out of my nose during a sneeze I shouldn’t have tried to stifle. It was NOT pretty around here for a bit after that.

It was the oddest thing too, it just kinda popped into my head. So off I went – after wiping down several surfaces to save them from the snorted pop – and jotted down my notes. It’s very rough, but most starter stories are. So we shall see what we shall see as this develops.

Well, I’m off to grab a hot bubbly bath and maybe something to drink. Night! ~ Moira

The return

To work after a long weekend sucks ass. It’s like a Monday times two. Only plus side to it all was the fact that it was damned quiet at work. It let me get in a couple of cat naps which I definitely needed. Tomorrow should be interesting though since I have family in town that I’m supposed to be meeting up with at some point. Not sure how we’re coordinating all this but I’m sure we’ll figure it out…eventually.

Did a crap load of writing on the weekend. Got a new WIP going strong at just over 13k on the word count and something else niggling in my head. No clue what it is yet and it’s really only coming to me in bits and pieces but it just might be something new. We’ll have to see how it plays out and where these new characters lead me. I’m betting it will be an interesting and likely a wild ride.

Got a bunch of reading done on the weekend too, just to let my poor brain relax in between bouts of writing. I find it’s a great relaxer to wipe the mind clean and let it restart and ramp back up again. Especially when it’s fun and great stories.

Well, since I’m starting to babble, I think it’s time to go and do something else. ~ Moira

Monday mayhem

Holy crap am I glad this day is over. I usually hate Monday’s but today, hooey! Yeah. There should be several people very grateful I know how horrid I look in orange.

Total insanity reigned at the day job. I do not know where these people come from but, for the love of all that is good in the universe, GO BACK! I’m sure others of your kind are missing you.

Didn’t get as much done on my story yesterday as I’d have liked but I think I’m starting to find the groove for it. I intend on pouring myself something very well chilled and high in alcohol content and working on it some more. I think I’m thinking a little too much on it. Need to get into that sweet spot where the characters just lead me along.

Now, if only I could get them talking. They are being particularly stubborn. Not overly surprising since they are my creations. Figures they’d take on some of my traits. I’d just hoped that wouldn’t be one of them.

Oh well, I guess it’s better than nothing. Anyway, I’m going to refill my glass and get to writing I think. Have a good night ~ Moira

Happy Hump Day!

Thank goodness it’s mid-week. I don’t know why but this week has been terribly exhausting! Of course, the weather isn’t helping any either, Mother Nature appears to be off her meds or something because she’s extremely indecisive about what crap to dump on us. Thankfully the snow prediction has been removed (WOOHOO!). But now it sounds like there’s to be rain.

That’s good, some water is a good thing, everything’s so damned dusty right now a bit of rain to wash it away would be welcome. Especially for me (and all others with allergies) as I’m allergic to dust. And it’s damn dusty right now. On the plus side it might help to green things up too which, given how grey and dismal everything is, would be a welcome change for sure.

In other news, lol!, I started my new book. The paranormal ménage one that is, just for clarity. I decided to start with trouble looming, felt it was the right move for this series and would help to set the tone. Unfortunately my damn characters are a little hesitant about speaking up and giving me the goods. Assholes, one and all I tell you! LOL!

I’m not actually all that concerned as I’m still trying to figure out my core theme to the series. I’ve played with a few ideas but I have found that I seem to be leaning to tried and true too much. I want something new, different, unusual. But since I’m that kind of girl (different and unusual I mean) I have to have my stories follow the same guideline. So, for the time being, it is slow going as I slowly figure out just where this series might, possibly, be going.

I think that’s about it, don’t want to bore you all horribly with my random mutterings. So I will bid you adieu for tonight ~ Moira

With just a bit

Of chocolate, I managed to survive the weekend. Okay, I admit, it took more than just a “bit” of chocolate. It took a great number of choco eggs and part of a choco bunny to survive the weekend with the family. But, I did survive and, now, I’m back to the grindstone.

This of course includes my “real” job and my writing. Sadly I just didn’t have the energy over the weekend to do any writing of any sort. Hell, I don’t even think I thought about writing anything now that I contemplate that just a little more. I would have had something jumped up and down in my head waving it’s little mythical arms madly screaming in it’s little mythical voice “pick me! pick me!”. Sadly nothing demanded my attention.

On another note, I went over to peek at the Coming Soon page on Evernight, eee! My first book is creeping up the list and the second one’s on it -toward the bottom of course- but on it! Eee! LOL! Very exciting I have to say and had me doing a little happy dance.

So, with April coming to a close I should be seeing first rounds of edits on Forever Kind of Love at some point soon, fingers crossed, LOL! Not overly worried, it shall come when it shall come. But, I will admit, I’m very excited to see it and the cover too. Soooooo excited to see what they’ve come up with from my, admittedly, meager offerings of details. I think I was a wee bit nervous while supplying details and I can only hope their artists can read minds. Although, most days, my mind’s a scary place to be poking about – maybe it’s best they can’t read my mind lol!

All righty then… Well, I think that’s all I have to say for tonight. Off to troll the Net and see what’s been happening while I was in the anti-Net-verse over the weekend. Have a lovely Monday and, if I missed anyone earlier, Happy Easter! ~ Moira

Great news

Tonight, I just got an acceptance for my second story. Holy crap! So quick too, I’m stunned and more than a little flustered. Excited and stunned. Wowza!

LOL! So I’m have a great Monday now, earlier…m’eh, not so much. It was kind of a crummy day at work, the whole having to go really sucked and then they actually insisted I had to stay! WTF! Don’t they know I could be doing much more interesting things? But, the point is, it started crummy and then I open my email after dinner and got an awesome surprise! Made it all better with just a few words.

On another note


I am a HUGE GoT (Game of Thrones) fan. I don’t know about anyone else but, because I a) have a PVR and b) taped it, I have been watching the final scenes over and over and over. It was most joyous to see how the very best thing to ever happen on the show to happen.

Last warning if you haven’t seen it!

JOFFREY IS DEAD!! WOOT! O.M.G! Finally! That little shit (great actor, pulled it off with true skill) had it coming. Pretty much from day one of his reign, he needed to be put down. That the writer waited this long… grrrr! Only thing I feel bad for is that now Tyrion has the finger being pointed at him by his psychotic sister Cersei.

Anyway, that’s all I have for tonight. I’m going to go and watch the scene a few more times. The gurgles are the very best part… ~ Moira

Holy crapballs,

I think Mother Nature is PMSing here in the west! I came home in a light snowfall (aka, the occasional flake drifting by) and now, 40 minutes later its a damned blizzard out there. Someone get that woman some Midol damn it!

On the other hand it’s Wednesday, happy hump day everyone, which means we’re on the slide down to the weekend. Only two more days, only two more days, only two more days. Thank goodness. If I have to deal with one more moron that can’t get the simplest of concepts through their thick skull I might just have to go freaky on their asses. And, trust me, it never ends well for them or anyone within the sphere of the freak. Course, it does make me feel better…at least until I have to do clean up.

In other news, the story number two is going along well. Broke through the 20k mark at some point last night. Gave me a giddy little thrill to be honest. But I know I’m in the home stretch as soon as I have the big confrontation for what I’ve been building up to. Still a little unsure which way I’m going with the big blow out. I have two options for how it can go, just need to decide which will be the biggest twist to throw the readers for a loop. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Oh well, that will be later. Tonight I’m catching up on what I’ve DVR’ed ~ Moira

Another chilly

Saturday, oh and it’s pretty damn gloomy too. Heavy cloud coverage, nasty little wind and it’s definitely looking like it just might snow again. Ick!

At least it’s the weekend and I’m inside. Writing to be specific actually. After sleeping in until my poor body actually felt rested. Though I am considering the idea of a nap. Ah, the joys of being an adult, lol! You can nap whenever you want – except at work, bosses frown on this stuff apparently – and doing what you want when you want. That and bills and other “responsible” crap that comes with the “adult” title.

I’m making pretty good headway on my latest WIP. Up and over the 10k word mark so I’m very happy. And it’s still coming along nicely and quite strong. Which is great, but my head is having ideas faster than my fingers can keep up – don’t you just hate that? I do as well, to a degree, but I’m writing all the little ideas down as I go so I don’t forget them. Not sure if I’ll actually use them in this story or in the next one or something else entirely. Who knows. I’m just glad my head is giving me a bunch of stuff, it’s kinda nice actually, especially given how quiet the voices were during the week. Not surprising really, I was too damned tired to write during the week – that’s what happens when you work for a slave driver of a boss.

Well, I have more coffee in hand and more to write so I’m out of here. Chat later ~ Moira

It’s practically

The weekend! Holy hell, thank you great calendar gods! This weekend honestly could not come quickly enough.

Yes, I know there is still Friday to survive. But I’ve made it this far this week, which was horrid and a half at work, so one more day I can handle. Probably with a lot of caffeine and, when that quits working, lots of alcohol.

Been doing absolutely zero writing this week. Too damn tired by the time I get home to even try to think of anything. Thankfully my characters are being considerate and, beyond a couple low grade murmurs, have been leaving me in peace. Unfortunately I see that coming back to bite me on the ass this weekend when I am well rested once more and settle in for a writing session. On the other hand, it could be good, to get the story in progress done.

But that is later, one more day to survive at the old grindstone. With that thought in mind I do believe I will get some sleep. Night all! ~ Moira

Oh my horribly

Aching joints and muscles! Ack! Whoever said a desk job puts little to no strain on your body has never worked at my lurverly place of employment. By boss is a sadist I swear! His motto is, if you don’t feel the burn by noon and are ready to die by the end of the day than you have not worked hard enough.


The reason why, you may or may not ask, but I’m telling you anyway because it’s my blog and I can so pfft! Because it’s his project, his baby, his blah, blah, blah… Whatever. If it’s anyone else’s, we get a m’eh. But if it’s his then we have to be all hands on deck for however long he can legally work our asses in a day.

A slave driver, that’s another accurate term for him.

Because he is. The man does not have an off switch. Again, if it’s his “baby”. Anyone else’s and we can’t get the time of day. Yeesh!

So, the point of all this… I ache, head to toe ache. OMFG! If I didn’t have enough coffee (aka: caffeine) running through my blood stream to power a small city for a week I’d try to sleep. But, I do. I’m a coffee addict. Sue me. Hopefully my body will burn through it quickly and then I can just pass out for however many hours I can manage and wake feeling…well, less achy is pretty much my only goal. LOL!

Off to hunt down some sort of muscle relaxant ~ Moira