Holy mother

Of a brain fry! Damn it. How can one persons brain be so cooked and exhausted? Mine brain is like mush, soggy mush at that.

I was doing well until the caffeine started to clear my system. Obviously I should’ve had that extra XL coffee today, lol! But I didn’t, I resisted the seductive lure of the caffeinated beverage and now am paying the price. It’s not even nine and I’m ready to crawl into bed.

But, I am resisting that siren’s lure as well, otherwise I’ll be up at some ungodly early hour of the morning. I don’t do the butt crack of dawn well, especially on weekends. Those are my days to sleep in, to relax and to just vegetate. Though I will have to do some laundry I fear. Otherwise I will have to wear my jammies to work all next week. Which, in my mind isn’t a bad thing. But the boss frowns on that shit. Which, given his wardrobe, he really shouldn’t be casting stones.

So yes, sleeping in, laundry and some writing I think is the plan for the weekend. Which, given how nasty ass cold it’s supposed to be, is a damned fine plan by me. No way in hell am I going out of doors unless it’s an absolute emergency. In other words, if I run out of Pepsi, I’m going out in that nasty shit come hell or high waters.

But I might be slightly addicted to the Pepsi. Thankfully there are no AA sort of meetings around here for Pepsi drinkers lol! Otherwise I might be guilted into attending. Doubtful, but you never know.

And now that I’ve totally been rambling on for a good ten minutes, I’m going to find something to watch for an hour and then crashing for the night. ~ Moira

Why you

Evil Monday you! Ugh, I really hate Mondays. First there’s that whole having to get out of bed, then there’s dressing to look like the professional you’re supposed to be and THEN, on top of all that, they expect you to stay there the entire day! Why? Why? Oh, why?

On the plus side of things though, my co-worker was back. Still looking a little stiff and sore, she’d thrown her back out. I totally sympathised with her. I myself have chronic back problems, too many years abusing my body when I thought I was invincible I think, lol! So I totally get where she’s coming from and, while I truly believe age is just a number, she does have a few years on me and has had other issues that are aggravating her current trouble.

And, to top it all off… Ready for this? Are you really ready? LOL! My book got accepted by the publisher. I was completely stunned to find the email in my inbox when I checked my non-work email. (Really hope my boss doesn’t see this.) I have to say that it was a definite thrill though, honestly, I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet. I don’t think it really will until I take a deep breath and sign on the dotted line, so to speak.

So yeah, bunch of good stuff actually came about today. Kinda cool actually. But now I need to run out and find me a pub for a tall glass o’ Guinness.

Sláinte to you all! ~ Moira

Hello Friday

So nice to see you again, you really need to visit more you know. This once a week bullshit is just not working for me. And really, who the heck came up with a five day work week and two day weekend?! That just feels so backwards to me.

Oh well, until I’m either rich and/or famous, I suppose I will have to just suck it up and deal. Come on fairy godmother! Where are you at woman?! LOL!

It was one hell of a week though at the DJ (day job for future reference). Had someone out the entire week, unexpectedly of course, which made for one big damn mess. But, I survived and treated myself to a little sushi for lunch and Italian for dinner. Probably not the best plan but since I don’t have anyone to impress tonight I’ll just keep the windows open to ensure I don’t gas myself to death.

No plans for the weekend except the usual. Pay some bills, do some writing and surf the Net here and there. Though I may go and check out a shoe sale. Also heard that one of the shops around here was having a handbag sale. Now that, that could get me in trouble. Shoes I’m just not into. I have a few pairs but really, not my thing. Purses though can get me purring fast and usually burning through my card even faster. Damn these people for making such pretty accessories!

Well, I think that’s it for the moment. I am off to go and catch up with my characters and see what mayhem we can all unleash as a collective. Have a good one ~ Moira

Who thought this up?

Seriously? I’m asking the question. Who the hell came up with this “brilliant” idea to jerk us and our clocks around? Whoever it was needs to get kicked in the throat for this stupidity.

Why can’t we just live on one time, no back and forth and be happy? I’d be happy. I know everyone where I work and everyone I know, would be happy. Not a single one of us would complain about permanently being on one time all year long.

And really, it’s not so much to “fall back” as it is the “spring ahead and ruin your whole fucking weekend” one that’s the issue. That and the next week or so that it takes to convince your body that it’s okay, that this is the way it’s supposed to be. My body damn well knows better. It knows the situation for what it is. Crap. Pure and total crap.

Other than that, and several XL coffees to keep me functioning even at a slightly diminished capacity, I survived! Hells yeah! Barely, but I did, so it counts.

And, with that in mind, I think I’m going to get a drink so I’ll sleep well tonight ~ Moira

Taking a restful day

Got a lot done yesterday, it was wonderful. Still have more to do today but I’m not going to stress it. Nope, if it gets done today than I’ll be happy, if not – c’est la vie!

My friend, the one that encouraged me to send in my story to the publisher, mentioned I should do a little introduction of who I am. Warn you all I think was what she left unsaid, lol! Cause I can be a bit hard to take, that much I do know.

So, here we go, your warning. Whether you stay or go, your choice.

I don’t take bullshit. I take things at face value so if you want to play games, go fuck with someone else. I swear like a sailor, always have, always will. Side note: I’ll be one of “those” little old ladies that does and says things highly inappropriate and can get away with it because I’ll have the senility card in hand. I don’t trust “rumours”, hard facts only. If you have a “rumour” to share, share, but don’t expect me to jump on (or off) the bandwagon based on your unsubstantiated “rumour”. I don’t work that way.

I can be very blunt, even brash, not everyone can handle me. I love my family but will never discuss them. I tolerate my day job but will only talk about it, and what I do, in generalities. This is about me trying to become an author now, not about what I do in the day to day though, there will be a little of that in the blog posts, none on Facebook or any other social media I may or may not use.

I will take all “advise” given with a grain of salt. I’m the sort to follow my gut over what someone tells me. If it doesn’t feel right to me, I’m not fucking doing it and not a soul on earth can make me. There are very few folks that I trust beyond anything in this world and, sorry to be blunt, you’re not amongst them. I trust my friends, ones I’ve had for years and years and know better than I do myself and I trust my family, who I have dirt on to blackmail them if they ever lead me astray.

So, let’s boil it down. Don’t fuck with me and I won’t have to dig out the big guns. Don’t mess with me or mine and I will do the same with you. Mutual respect is the name of this game. If you can’t give it, don’t fucking expect it back just because you are someone’s darling of the day. That shit gets old fast and, quite frankly my dear(s), I could fucking care less.

That’s it, me in a nut shell I guess. Oh, there is more, there’s always more, but that basically gives you the idea of who I am and what I will not ever tolerate.

Extend a hand in friendship and I will shake it. Stab me in the back and you’d better start running, far and fast.

Now, on a more happy-happy note, I’m off to cause mayhem in my characters lives ~ Moira

Nearly froze my butt off!

Oh my god is it cold here!

Not as cold as some other places, I’ll admit that much, but I am a fair weather person. I hate being cold. I’m a much happier person when it’s wonderfully warm. Not hot, mind you, but warm.

Okay, apparently I’m very picky, lol!

But really, this is beyond ridiculous! I chose where I live because it didn’t have the harsh winters like my hometown. Someone didn’t bloody well get the note! Not acceptable damn it.

Other than freezing my ass off going to work and back again it wasn’t a horrid day. We were having some serious troubles at work with our network but it seemed to stabilize after about an hour or so. And, while extremely annoying to us with work to do, there were plenty others that seemed pretty happy not to have to do any work.

But enough about that, work is boring, very boring. Let’s talk about this crazy ass weather! Just kidding. I’m off to find something to warm me from the inside out.

Night ~ Moira