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Moira Callahan is a Canadian born and raised author. She loves to write, and only has a few select criteria that have to be in each of her books. A great story, steamy romance, and a HEA ending. The sub-genre isn’t as important to her as making whatever she writes feel real, and in the moment to her readers.

To that end she insists her characters be as real as everyday folks, even if they are blessed with a little fictional fairy dust to make them anyone’s personal fantasy. They must have faults, they must have a weakness, and they must have soul. To that end she writes her characters with a mixture of traits – a dash from herself, and something borrowed from a friend. This way the character is as perfectly imperfect as any other person on the planet.

Moira wants everyone to know how thankful she is to her best friend, for pretty much everything. For getting her back into writing, for encouraging her, and even for harassing her until she finally submitted her first book to Evernight Publishing in March of 2014. Her first book, as a published author, came out in May 2014 with many more to follow.

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