Bad Alpha: Drakon’s Prize

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MoiraCallahan-BadAlhaMF-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-finalimageDrakon’s Prize
Bad Alpha Anthology
Date of Release:  August 21, 2015
Word Count:  10,122
Cover Art:  Jay Aheer

ep-4th-annual-rca-winnerBook Blurb:

Being the Alpha of a misfit clan of Dragons comes with its share of troubles. When the supernatural Council comes to Drakon Blackwood with yet another false claim against his clan he knows it’s time to make someone pay. Preferably with their life.

Allegra Hanson doesn’t work for the Council, and yet she’s been roped into assisting them in their investigation into the Blackwood clan’s supposed activities. Against her better judgment she goes to the clan’s lands to do what she can. What she never planned on was her visceral reaction to the Alpha.

The Blackwood clan land is valuable. Not for its location, but for what lies beneath the earth’s surface. Many will do anything to get it, one will stop at nothing, and is willing to kill Drakon’s woman to get it. Allegra is his, and there’s no way Drakon will lose the most precious prize of all.

* * *


She writhed on the bed, one hand in his hair holding tight as she begged for more and pleaded with him to stop. The first he’d give her, the latter not happening. Settling his mouth on her clit he pushed one of his thick fingers into her pussy. Fucking hell, she was tight. He slid it in and out while she screamed her first release. Not that he let her rest. Drakon pushed a second finger in to stretch her out for his cock, and took her right through one orgasm into another, and then another.

Lapping at her pussy after her fourth he flicked her clit lightly with the fingers of his one hand while he toyed with her anus with the pinky of his other hand. She was limp, begging him to stop, but he kept playing with her. He worked the tip of his finger into her ass sending her body tight as a string. Sliding his free hand up her torso Drakon began to toy with her tits. Rolling, pinching, and tugging on her nipples he rubbed his tongue over her opening, and slid it into her vagina.

Allegra grabbed hold of his wrist with those short little nails of hers and held on tight. Smiling against her pussy he worked his finger in deeper into her ass. “That’s it, baby. Fucking hell, you are tight. I can’t wait until I can slam my dick in here, and fuck your tight little ass hard.” His words were enough to send her flying again.

Chuckling at her whimper he flipped her leg over his head, and got her turned onto her belly. “Up on your knees,” he ordered. Drakon hooked an arm around her waist to pull her hips up, his cock rubbing to her ass and thigh. Groaning he cupped her mound for a moment, his finger brushing to her swollen clit.

“Drakon,” she gasped out. “How? Oh gods, I need your cock. But I can’t, so tired, no more orgasms.” She was rambling even as she arched her back pushing her ass out more, and baring her pussy to him. Spreading her knees a little more Drakon settled in behind her to take his cock in hand, and guide it into her slick sheath.

It was like sliding into the most perfect, wet, hot grip ever imagined. He figured heaven might feel something like the way her pussy did around his cock.

She let out an incoherent sound, her head tossed back, and she pressed closer. Shuddering as she took all of him Drakon took a slow breath, and then drew out until only the head stayed hidden from his sight. Then he slammed his hips forward to fill her. She let out a moan of pure need, her hands clawing at the bedding and her ass pressing tighter to his groin. Gripping her hips he began to move faster, harder.

He was so close to the edge, and when she clamped down around his cock he fought a losing battle. Bellowing he came harder than he ever had before. With a shudder he fell to the side whipping an arm around her waist to pull her with him so he stayed buried in her heat. Panting he pressed his nose to her shoulder. “We are so doing that again.”

The groan she let out had him grinning and nibbling on her neck. The creative curses that followed had him laughing as he squeezed her closer. He’d never felt so in tune with a woman before. It was a rather freeing experience for him.

* * *

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