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I love to hear from my fans, so please email me with your questions. I may not get to it immediately, but I promise to get back to you as soon as my scheduling permits. In most cases, except over holidays, it shouldn’t be more than a forty-eight hour period.

If you are emailing about a specific topic, use a Subject line which identifies this fact. Some to use for example would be: Suspicious Sales Site” (don’t forget a link), Removal from Newsletter“, and so forth. The more specific the Subject line the quicker response you’ll receive.

Any information supplied by you is considered confidential, and is not ever for sale. Per the updated EU GDPR laws your information will only be used for contacting you should you submit a question/query, or anything else that requires an answer. It will never be used to solicit you for any reason. Anyone that makes a request of me to purchase such information will be reported to the appropriate authorities to be dealt with according to the law(s) of their Prov/State/Country.
Updated May 20, 2018