Have a question you’d like to ask Moira? You can send it to her via the Contact Me page. The most commonly asked ones are below, but every question asked will be answered by her personally via email.

When did you start writing?
Well, that’s not exactly a straightforward answer. I’ve written since I was a teen. Professionally I would say I started around the middle of January 2014. I was under contract with Evernight Publishing in March of 2014 after my very first submission to them, and that first book came out in May 2014.

How many books have you written?
Currently I have thirteen books under contract with Evernight Publishing, and am working on three others.

  • C&M Security series – 6 books
  • Stand alone’s/Anthologies:
    • Forever Kind of Love
    • A Passionate Witness ~ Uniform Fetish
    • Drakon’s Prize ~ Bad Alpha Anthology
  • Living Victorious series – 2 books published, 1 in the works
  • The Scoundrels MC – 1 book published, 1 in the works
  • Holiday reads – 1 book published and released Dec 2015

What genre do you write in?
Contemporary Erotic Romance is my base genre, but in the BAD Alpha Anthology, as well as my recent Christmas story release I have also written Paranormal Romance. The latest release, VIPER was a MC Romance in my new series The Scoundrels.

Is there a genre you plan on writing in the future?
Anything is possible. At this time I couldn’t even say for sure. I love all genres. It all really depends on my muse, and what might inspire me at any given time.

Where does your inspiration for a book come from?
Honestly? I have no clue. No, really! Anything I see, hear, or even smell could get a thought tickling around in my head. Other authors I’ve read over the years have gotten me to thinking about ways to grow my writing, and they’ve definitely gotten me interested in a great variety of genres. TV, movies, a conversation I happen to overhear all could get my brain going a mile a minute. Sometimes I’ll be sitting, doing nothing, just taking a moment to get all my thoughts organized and I’ll have one of those light bulb moments where my brain starts rolling around something that might become a story. That’s the best I can currently come up with to explain the crazed manner in which my mind works. Maybe I’ll figure it out one day.

For your C&M Security series, what is the order of the books?
You can find the order on the C&M Security series page, but in order they are:

Dangerous Times, Dangerous Secrets, Dangerous Lines,
Dangerous Circumstances, Dangerous Pasts & Dangerous Reactions

Do you have any advice for a new, or aspiring author?
Never stop writing. No matter what you write, or how you write it, write each and every day. Like any other muscle your mind needs to be stretched, and challenged to grow.

Always look for new ways to better yourself, and your writing. Ask questions, but ensure they are well informed, and intelligent questions. Do your own research, you have to work to better yourself and your writing. Your fellow authors are a fountain of information, and if you can’t find something specific you are looking for, pose the question. They will likely have links to information, or materials to help you along.

Always, always give back – especially to those that have helped you out, and something as simple as helping to promote their latest book, or their website/fan page/group page is a great way to say thank you to them for being there for you.

You can also check out my new venture with six other Evernight Publishing authors. It’s called Naughty Quills, and we decided to start it as a way to give back to the author community and help newbies learn the ropes by sharing our own experiences, as well as tips for social media, and marketing help. It is all based on our paths to date, and our personal opinions but it’s a fun read at the very least.

If I send you my manuscript will you read it, or help me get it published?
No. Anything of this nature I will immediately, and permanently delete. I’m an author, not a beta reader, or an agent. I don’t have the background to assist you with your book, nor do I have the contacts to help you get it published. I wish I did! If you want to know about my publisher, and their process of taking on new authors I will gladly share what I know from my own, personal experience. But that’s all I’ve got.

How do you choose the names for your characters?
I usually write a bit of the book before I name my characters. I find I need to get a feel for them before settling on something that will forever live in black & white. Once I have that “feel” for them it either pops into my head, or I go searching on the Net for something I think is suitable. There are a bunch of sites for baby names, unusual names, surnames, etc out there to utilize. Since these are my “babies” the name doesn’t always make it all the way through the book.

I had one such instant with a C&M Security book. The main leading lady had her name changed twice before I settled on it because my mindset about the name altered as I got to know her more intimately. The C&M crew though I took my time on because I knew once I put out the first book those were set in stone. I did all my character development for the main C&M crew characters prior to getting all the way through the first book.

What format are your books available in, and where?
My books are currently only available in e-book format. You can purchase them directly from my publisher, Evernight Publishing, or any reputable e-book retailer: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords, and of course Bookstrand.

If you happen to find one of my books anywhere else, please send me a note via my Contact Me form. It may be a subsidiary of one of the big sites, but I always feel better running them past my publisher on the off chance it is a pirate site.

Do you write under any other names?
No. Moira Callahan is the only name I write under. I can’t say I may not have a pseudonym down the road, but for the time being this is me. It’s more than enough at this time.

How can I learn about your new releases?
I always post about my upcoming releases on my blog here on the website, so bookmark it, and visit from time to time. You can also join my newsletter mailing list by clicking [HERE], a newsletter ONLY goes out when I have a book release or some exciting news to share, I will NEVER flood your inbox unnecessarily. Also, on most of the author pages for Amazon, B&N, iTunes, etc there are buttons you can utilize to get announcements of a newly uploaded book. You can even join me on Facebook, Instagram, Triberr, Goodreads, Authorgraph, BookBub, iAuthor, or even Pinterest.

* Updated December 29, 2016*