#SexySnippets 5 from C&M Security 6 #romance #mf #suspense


Happy #SexySnippets Sunday everyone. It’s been a pretty decent weekend so far, a little breezy, but the sun is shining so no complaints from me. As long as it looks like Spring I’m a happy camper.

This weeks 7 sentences will be the last from the C&M Security 6 book. It took me a while to decide just what I wanted to show, but I figured I needed something to send the #SexySnippets for this book out with a bang. Something that would catch a readers eye, and interest enough to want to buy the book when it comes out. May 2015, date TBD by the way. Next week will be from something else entirely, so I hope you enjoy the below, and here’s a little lead up to help you figure out what’s going on.

Grant, the hero of the story, has a stalker after him. Nothing too big to begin with, but annoying, and the individual is definitely a pest. But soon enough the stalker takes things to the next level. Robyn, our heroine, is not happy with the “progress” so far achieved by the police in locating, and stopping this individual. But she does tend to take anything against her man very personal. And here we go…

* * * * *

Numbly Grant stuck a hand out to shake the other man’s, “Any idea who did this?”

“Definitely wasn’t a professional torch, this was purely amateur hour. Good for us on all fronts, the amateurs are more likely to make mistakes unlike the pro’s, or serials. Once my guys finish up we’ll take everything back, and get the lab working on whatever they find. I won’t lie Mr. Sherbrooke, unless you catch an arsonist in the act, it’s damn hard to catch them unless they start to unravel.”

“Do you think it’s the same person who’s sent the other threats to date?” Robyn asked him.

Shawn introduced her to the detective when the man shot her a curious look.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

12 comments on “#SexySnippets 5 from C&M Security 6 #romance #mf #suspense

  1. cool snippett! I hope they catch the fire starter!

  2. I hope they catch him too!

  3. naomi shaw says:

    I love a good detective story and this looks like a great one. Can’t wait for more. Great snippet

  4. Daisy Banks says:

    This is a great snippet because it made me want to read much more. Nicely done.

  5. dorisoconnor says:

    Great snippet. Is she ready to go into battle for him? Hope they catch the culprit! 🙂

  6. Kiru Taye says:

    An intriguing snippet. I’m wondering what they are going to find out about the arsonist.

  7. Maya Tyler says:

    Love the line “purely amateur hour” – very suspenseful snippet!

  8. Maya Tyler says:

    love the line “purely amateur hour”

  9. Oh this sounds right up my street. Great Nippet.

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