#SexySnippets 7, Dangerous Secrets #romance #mf #suspense


Happy #SexySnippets Sunday everyone. The weather took a bit of a turn this weekend providing me the perfect excuse (like I needed one) to stay inside and write! Still working on my new WIP. The muse has been behaving herself, thank goodness. It’s always so hard to work with her when she goes out partying, binging, and staying out to all hours. But this week she’s given me some good stuff so I may let her loose for a couple hours soon.

This week we are heading into C&M Security 2, Dangerous Secrets. It features Trent McDonald, a bodyguard for C&M, and his soon to be love interest Mallory Thompson, a chef of fine cuisine. They meet when Trent gets hired by Mallory to keep her alive. She’s been attacked, nearly killed, and isn’t about to take any chances someone might try again. What no one will believe is who is behind it all.

While they may have been strangers when they first met in their roles as boyfriend, and girlfriend, things quickly heat up between these two when they start sharing rather cozy quarters. When they finally admit what they are feeling…

* * * * *

She wanted him, needed him and was desperate for him. Fisting her fingers in his short hair, she pressed closer.

He drew her in even tighter to his body. The ridge of his hard cock pressed to the seam of her jeans with the perfect amount of friction. Rocking her hips slightly, she let out a moan that perfectly melded with the groan he let loose.

“Mallory,” he said as they parted, both sucking in air. He thrust his hands into her hair and held her still as he stared into her eyes.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

dangerous-secretsAfter a harrowing attack she barely survived, Mallory Thompson knows she needs help. The police can only do so much without a description of her attacker. On the advice of a detective she turns to C&M Security in the hopes of getting some protection while the police hunt for the man who shot her.

Trent McDonald, ex-Marine and bodyguard at C&M Security, can’t believe the case his boss hands him. Rather, he can’t believe the woman he’s being asked to protect. Mallory is stunning, amazing, and he knows the instant he sees her picture he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe. 

What neither of them expected was just who was behind the attack on her. In this game of life, or death, everyone seems to have dangerous secrets.

* * * * *

For more Dangerous Secrets, check out the page.


5 comments on “#SexySnippets 7, Dangerous Secrets #romance #mf #suspense

  1. naomi shaw says:

    Mmm very sexy. Love it

  2. dorisoconnor says:

    Lovely snippet. Things are sure heating up 🙂

  3. Maya Tyler says:

    Hot snippet… Mallory is a lucky girl!

  4. Daisy Banks says:

    Lovely snippet, steamy romantic. I enjoyed this.

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