#SexySnippets 8, Dangerous Lines #romance #mf #suspense


Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to another edition of #SexySnippets. Another weekend is drawing to a close much too soon. If there is ever a vote to add another day in for the weekend I plan on being first in line. If nothing else it would give me much more time to write. So it’s a win-win in my eyes, lol!

Continuing with my C&M Security theme of #SexySnippets Sunday we are stepping into book 3 of the series this week. It features Vincent Bradley – tech guy, and all round prankster of C&M – and Rhonda Delacour – SFPD Detective, and Tamara’s (from book 1) best friend. These two characters met in book 1 of the series, but didn’t really like one another all that much. To say there was friction between them would be an understatement.

All this changes when they really start to get to know one another. By the time their book comes out they are shifting to something more. Then Rhonda gets in over her head, and Vincent pulls her out. He’ll do whatever is necessary to keep her safe while they figure out what went horribly wrong with her undercover assignment. After everything is finally sorted out, and they have a moment to themselves, things really begin to heat up between these two. This is only the beginning of that five alarm blaze…

* * * * *

With a glance at his face, she slid her tongue over his cock. He frowned a little deeper, but didn’t wake up. Well, one part of him did, but not the rest of him.

A feeling of glee washed over her as she licked his cock again. It was hardening, straightening out, getting impressively larger. Then, because she wanted his full attention, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked hard.

It definitely got his full attention, and he woke with a foul curse on his lips that quickly turned to a groan.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

dangerous-linesRhonda Delacour hadn’t always been the biggest fan of Vincent’s, but he grew on her. So when she has an undercover assignment for the SFPD, and is in need of backup, there’s only one person she wants at her back. And when everything goes sideways fast, Ro truly comes to appreciate the man behind the badge.

For a while Vincent Bradley considered Rhonda nothing more than a pest he had to tolerate. How quickly things change when they spend time together. Only realizing the depth of his feelings for her when her life is on the line, Vincent will do anything, kill anyone to keep Ro safe.

Hidden away to keep her safe, Vincent knows it’s the perfect opportunity to show Rhonda how much he cares for her. Unfortunately they can’t remain hidden forever. To have the future they both want they’ll need to cross some dangerous lines.

* * * * *

For more Dangerous Lines, check out the page.

5 comments on “#SexySnippets 8, Dangerous Lines #romance #mf #suspense

  1. That is a great snippet!

  2. dorisoconnor says:

    LOL! I can so see this. Guaranteed to get his attention 😉

  3. Hahahaah oh, I don’t think he’ll mind having been woken up like this. Great snippet!

  4. Daisy Banks says:

    Fabulous snippet. I’d love to see the next scene too.

  5. Best wake up call fantastic snippet

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