Special Notice for All Visitors/Subscribers

On May 25, 2018 the European Alliance’s General Data Protection Regulations are getting an upgrade/overhaul as it were. On the most basic of terms this means that there certain new rules to how information can be gathered, stored, maintained and so forth. To get a better idea you can click here to read up on all the bits and pieces. Honestly it was a bit mind numbing for me, but there are several bloggers out there who have also boiled it down quite a bit for those of us who go bit brain-dead/numb from reading legal speak.

One such individual is Paul Long who runs SmartBlogger and has a great post about GDPR you can peruse here. He gives some great detail, some excellent advise and examples which can help everyone out. The biggest point I’ve seen has been information storage, and transparency to how data is being “processed”. Now, I’m still reading what I can to ensure I’m where I need to be for what little I do on the Net, but that’s what I’ve figured out to this point.

For me, I keep zero emails/information for/about people beyond the parameters of what they’ve signed up for. For example, if I’m running a promo/give-away then I hold onto everyone’s details who signed up until the winner of said event has claimed their prize – on the off chance they don’t do so within the allotted time frame and I’m required to choose another winner. After that, everything is gone! G-O-N-E. I delete it, and scrub it from existence to the very best of my abilities.

Since I am a WordPress user for my blog I am partially at the mercy of these folks. But like everyone else, as of May 25th they too need to be compliant to the updated rules and regulations, so I’m hopeful there won’t be any issues that hit me from that end. I’ve done what I can to alert folks about this, and the fact I do not store your personal information for more than a specified time frame, so here’s hoping I haven’t forgot anything. (If I have, someone tell me!!!)

Per my contact form I will not now, nor ever sell your information supplied to anyone at any time. Anyone who does approach me will be reported to local, national, and international authorities as required. Whatever information you might supply me (inadvertently or not) is held in extreme confidence for however long I might keep it (based on give-away’s, prize claims, etc.). No one but myself has access to my Moira Callahan email, I do not have an assistant (anyone claiming to be in that position is not to be reported to me immediately), and even if I do get an assistant in the future they still will not have access to my personal email. That is for me, and my readers alone – no one else.

Last, but not least, about my newsletter. While I’ve been extremely inactive for the last while due to any number of issues, I have sent one last email out to everyone who had subscribed. Anyone that WAS a subscriber received an email from me, but you are now no longer a subscriber. Once the email blast went out every single sign-up was permanently deleted from the site. Anyone who wishes to receive updates in the future must sign-up again. This is to ensure that everyone is 100% on board with receiving information from me in the form of the newsletter. If you were one of the people who got a newsletter burst from me about the EU GDPR updates, but didn’t read it (for whatever reason you might have in your busy lives) you won’t ever receive another newsletter from me unless you sign-up anew. Click here to sign-up again, or to sign up for the first time.

Well that’s it, now I have a few things to get to before I can do some writing today.

All my love ~ Moira