On the day before

Monday. One of the most reviled words in the English language. Ugh!

But, it’s a beautiful day out, the sun is shining and even though there’s a bit of a breeze it’s actually not too bad over all. For the moment I’m in “down time”, watching a movie and just vegging out. Letting the brain chill for a while.

Did some work on my second story a little earlier but I’m not at a point where I need to decide where to take it. Throw in some trouble or keep going with the smooth sailing that’s more or less been happening. I’m leaning toward throwing a speed bump in. It just feels like the right time.

They’ve associated, acknowledged and are now moving toward the build up of the relationship. A bit of a kink here could provide the right friction needed. I don’t want to mess of their “lives” so much as give them something to overcome. And it really does feel right for this story. Plus I’m more than a little stuck for what else for them to do lol!

But I shall keep watching my movie “Killing Them Softly” by the way, and let the idea mull over in my brain. Given my movie selection I could actually come up with something a lot worse than a little conflict in their lives if I wanted, lol! But I won’t do anything too damaging to them…maybe.

Anyway, I’m out of here ~ Moira

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