Hello Friday

So nice to see you again, you really need to visit more you know. This once a week bullshit is just not working for me. And really, who the heck came up with a five day work week and two day weekend?! That just feels so backwards to me.

Oh well, until I’m either rich and/or famous, I suppose I will have to just suck it up and deal. Come on fairy godmother! Where are you at woman?! LOL!

It was one hell of a week though at the DJ (day job for future reference). Had someone out the entire week, unexpectedly of course, which made for one big damn mess. But, I survived and treated myself to a little sushi for lunch and Italian for dinner. Probably not the best plan but since I don’t have anyone to impress tonight I’ll just keep the windows open to ensure I don’t gas myself to death.

No plans for the weekend except the usual. Pay some bills, do some writing and surf the Net here and there. Though I may go and check out a shoe sale. Also heard that one of the shops around here was having a handbag sale. Now that, that could get me in trouble. Shoes I’m just not into. I have a few pairs but really, not my thing. Purses though can get me purring fast and usually burning through my card even faster. Damn these people for making such pretty accessories!

Well, I think that’s it for the moment. I am off to go and catch up with my characters and see what mayhem we can all unleash as a collective. Have a good one ~ Moira

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