Why you

Evil Monday you! Ugh, I really hate Mondays. First there’s that whole having to get out of bed, then there’s dressing to look like the professional you’re supposed to be and THEN, on top of all that, they expect you to stay there the entire day! Why? Why? Oh, why?

On the plus side of things though, my co-worker was back. Still looking a little stiff and sore, she’d thrown her back out. I totally sympathised with her. I myself have chronic back problems, too many years abusing my body when I thought I was invincible I think, lol! So I totally get where she’s coming from and, while I truly believe age is just a number, she does have a few years on me and has had other issues that are aggravating her current trouble.

And, to top it all off… Ready for this? Are you really ready? LOL! My book got accepted by the publisher. I was completely stunned to find the email in my inbox when I checked my non-work email. (Really hope my boss doesn’t see this.) I have to say that it was a definite thrill though, honestly, I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet. I don’t think it really will until I take a deep breath and sign on the dotted line, so to speak.

So yeah, bunch of good stuff actually came about today. Kinda cool actually. But now I need to run out and find me a pub for a tall glass o’ Guinness.

Sláinte to you all! ~ Moira

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