It’s alive! Or rather, live.

My book that is. My very first book! Eeeeee! I’m so happy and giddy and … Shit, I’m running out of adjectives. Where’s the thesaurus when you need it?

So, yes, happy dance. Though officially it doesn’t release until tomorrow, it’s currently up for early release on Evernight Publishing’s site. It’s such a pretty thing too. I absolutely love the cover and Sour Cherry Designs did a fantastic job. FANTASTIC! So, if you would like to purchase my book you can, right now, via Evernight. Or, if you wish, you can wait until it hits some of the other retailers that will start tomorrow and continue over the next couple of days.

Or so I’ve been told. Apparently some sites take longer than others to get their butts in gear so a bit of patience is, apparently, required.

The Evernight Publishing link is:

Have a lovely evening ~ Moira

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