Sunday scribbles

Since the weather outside is rather frightful I’ve decided to hide out indoors where it’s warm and there’s coffee. Thankfully there doesn’t appear to be any more snow falling. Yet. Though, if the weather person’s to be believed, there will be more coming. So much for getting a good Spring for once. Ugh!

On the other hand, because it’s so craptacular outside I can stay in and write. Which good, cause that’s where the coffee is. And since I have to do a few household chores I can do those during my stretch breaks. Yes, I take stretch breaks, otherwise I get all tense and hunched over. Not good. But when you’re in the groove, writing like mad, you assume whatever position works best to get the words out as fast as possible.

Since my paranormals have been giving me grief, nasty little buggers, I’m working on book two of my other series. Book one comes out in June, date to be decided. I figure if I get this one done up quick enough I just might have one for July. Be nice to keep a regular publishing schedule for the readers I’m hoping to collect.

Oh, that sounds bad, lol! But I’m sure you get my meaning and that I meant absolutely no disrespect. Readers are the ones that make or break authors. Well, them and reviewers but I haven’t had to deal with reviewers yet so one worry at a time.

Well, I think that’s all for the moment, I’m off and running. ~ Moira

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