Needed a little inspiration

So of course I went digging through all the many images I have kicking around. I needed the inspiration mainly because my characters went and wandered off yesterday. No note, no calls, nothing. Just abandoned me to do gawd only knows what. While I adore my characters greatly this is highly unacceptable behaviour even for them. Little buggers.

When I started digging around I had absolutely no clue what I was looking for, or what I needed the inspiration for specifically. Whether it’s productive to the purpose I originally went looking for I still haven’t decided, but I definitely have a few interesting ideas going round and round. LOL! But being the generous soul I am I thought I’d share what I dug out from the folders. So enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now I’m off to see if this sparks anything for my two current WIP’s. Have a fantastic Sunday ~ Moira

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