Taking a short break

antike SchreibutensilienI’ve been busily working on the next book in the C&M Security series. Book six is the prequel book for the series, the one that shows how the entire thing got started. It also is the story of Robyn Matthews, the “M” of C&M Security. It’s a little about her, and Shawn’s pasts as well as how she meets her fiancé Grant. My other goal to the book, beyond a bit of history of the two biggest characters of the series -Shawn and Robyn- is to also reveal why Robyn, and Grant are still engaged many years after the fact.

The biggest challenge is ensuring I don’t muck up anything so the other books still work in the series. So far so good since it’s all “history” at the moment. The plus of doing the prequel after the fact is knowing what’s to come since it’s already all laid out.

The biggest problem is working on it, it’s all at my characters whim what I manage to get down at any given time. That and my muse who seems to have a bit of a problem these days. She’s got me working not only on C&M, but also a new paranormal. On top of all that she’s kicking around another idea. Nothing solid on the third one as of yet, but who knows what it may end up being. Guess I’ll have to wait and see what all she gives me in regards to that.

Now, on that note I need to get a few things from the store so I’m heading offline for a time. Hopefully when I get back my muse’ll have some more for me to write. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, talk soon ~ Moira

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