Long weekend

piuma che scriveHappy Sunday readers! It’s day two of the three day long weekend (Family Day in Alberta is tomorrow), and the sun is out and shining once more. It’s a great day to be outside. If only I didn’t have a bunch of writing I have to get done, lol! Oh well. The window is open to let in the fresh air, the sun is warming the place up, and the coffee is hot and strong. Perfect conditions to work on this bitch of a story.

Blasted characters haven’t always been overly cooperative, especially in the last month and a bit. They did start chatting with me again about a week ago thankfully. I’ll have to see what they have to offer up today, and get some more of their story down. Oddly enough I’m actually making pretty good progress word count wise. This is likely going to be the biggest of the books for the series. But there’s a lot to be told, not only a bit of the history of how C&M came to be, but also Robyn and Grant’s story of meeting, and becoming a couple.

Still haven’t quite figured out what comes next after that, except for clearing up an outstanding point from my editor, and the series. Then… well the series will be done. For a time anyway. I’m quite sure I’ll revisit it in time, bring more to it down the road, but for now this is the last planned book. Not sure how some of my readers will feel about that,but I definitely need a bit of a break from the characters to see where the series may go.

Well, that’s it for this post. I have writing to do, so I’m off to attend to that. Have a great day ~ Moira

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