Sharing some inspiration

Saturday word in mixed vintage metal type

Happy Saturday to everyone. I have been busy writing up a storm and realized it was lunch suddenly. Mainly because my belly started to make those very rude sounds to gain my attention. Figured while I’m waiting for my lunch to heat up I’d share a little of my inspiration for what I’m writing today. And I threw a few others in just for kicks since I had them to share, so enjoy.

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I can’t say what I’m writing yet, mainly because I’m still in the middle of it, and don’t want to jinx it. Yes I’m a little superstitious about such things. At least until I know it’s done, and hopefully (fingers crossed) accepted by my publisher. Then I’ll be telling you all about it. In the meantime I will share this much: it has some damn hot men in it.

Thus the bit of inspiration I needed to keep on track for the portion I was writing this morning. I was turning the heat up on the characters involved with one another. For a time now they’ve been dancing around each other, one character completely avoiding the other as much as was possible. With a little help things are about to change. Should be great!

Anyway I’m off to eat, and then back to more writing. Have a lovely day ~ Moira

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