Contemplating chaos

HappySaturdayMy muse apparently is in a vindictive mood today. Trying to keep the wench in line is a task unto itself. Don’t know what’s up with her but I’m interested to see what she has in mind for my characters today. I’m working on two different WIP’s to try and keep things level. So far so good, though the muse is muttering about something else. Not sure if it has anything to do with these two potential stories or if it’s something new she’s cooking up. I never really know with her.

But I shall continue onward with what materials she provides to me, and hope that I’m not suddenly confronted by some nearly impossible situation I have to get everyone out of. She’s done this to me before and it’s worked out. These are slightly different stories so to be backed into the proverbial corner on either could prove to be rather bothersome. Here’s hoping I don’t need to find some overly creative means for my characters to climb out the proverbial window to freedom.

The weather is perfect for writing. Overcast, comfortably cool with a hint of a breeze bringing in the smell of the impending rain we’re expecting. Of course the weather person hasn’t been exactly accurate of late so that scent of rain could be foretelling a storm coming in three days. Since I don’t plan on moving far this weekend it really doesn’t matter. I have writing to get done.

To that end I need to get back to it after I grab a bite to eat. So I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for #SexySnippets Sunday. I’ve got your first taste of my new series, Living Victorious. ~ Moira

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