Nearly froze my butt off!

Oh my god is it cold here!

Not as cold as some other places, I’ll admit that much, but I am a fair weather person. I hate being cold. I’m a much happier person when it’s wonderfully warm. Not hot, mind you, but warm.

Okay, apparently I’m very picky, lol!

But really, this is beyond ridiculous! I chose where I live because it didn’t have the harsh winters like my hometown. Someone didn’t bloody well get the note! Not acceptable damn it.

Other than freezing my ass off going to work and back again it wasn’t a horrid day. We were having some serious troubles at work with our network but it seemed to stabilize after about an hour or so. And, while extremely annoying to us with work to do, there were plenty others that seemed pretty happy not to have to do any work.

But enough about that, work is boring, very boring. Let’s talk about this crazy ass weather! Just kidding. I’m off to find something to warm me from the inside out.

Night ~ Moira

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