So happy it’s Friday!

I live for Friday’s, that means I have two uninterrupted days to write and do whatever the hell I want. Did laundry already so all I really have to worry about first thing tomorrow is a bit of cleaning.

And, major bonus, it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow! YAY! I can get out and do some shit finally without worrying about freezing something important off. Which, really, I’ve been worrying about a lot in the last few weeks. Though, I will honestly admit, I haven’t had it nearly as bad as some places in Canada. Some places have set record lows. That is not now, nor ever, a fucking record you want to set!

So, what’s the writing game plan for the weekend? Not a clue but I do know that I need to get something new started. It’s either that or sit around and drive myself crazy waiting to hear from the publisher I sent my first book in to.

Well, I think that about does it, I’m off to watch a movie. Night ~ Moira

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