Who thought this up?

Seriously? I’m asking the question. Who the hell came up with this “brilliant” idea to jerk us and our clocks around? Whoever it was needs to get kicked in the throat for this stupidity.

Why can’t we just live on one time, no back and forth and be happy? I’d be happy. I know everyone where I work and everyone I know, would be happy. Not a single one of us would complain about permanently being on one time all year long.

And really, it’s not so much to “fall back” as it is the “spring ahead and ruin your whole fucking weekend” one that’s the issue. That and the next week or so that it takes to convince your body that it’s okay, that this is the way it’s supposed to be. My body damn well knows better. It knows the situation for what it is. Crap. Pure and total crap.

Other than that, and several XL coffees to keep me functioning even at a slightly diminished capacity, I survived! Hells yeah! Barely, but I did, so it counts.

And, with that in mind, I think I’m going to get a drink so I’ll sleep well tonight ~ Moira

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