Taking a restful day

Got a lot done yesterday, it was wonderful. Still have more to do today but I’m not going to stress it. Nope, if it gets done today than I’ll be happy, if not – c’est la vie!

My friend, the one that encouraged me to send in my story to the publisher, mentioned I should do a little introduction of who I am. Warn you all I think was what she left unsaid, lol! Cause I can be a bit hard to take, that much I do know.

So, here we go, your warning. Whether you stay or go, your choice.

I don’t take bullshit. I take things at face value so if you want to play games, go fuck with someone else. I swear like a sailor, always have, always will. Side note: I’ll be one of “those” little old ladies that does and says things highly inappropriate and can get away with it because I’ll have the senility card in hand. I don’t trust “rumours”, hard facts only. If you have a “rumour” to share, share, but don’t expect me to jump on (or off) the bandwagon based on your unsubstantiated “rumour”. I don’t work that way.

I can be very blunt, even brash, not everyone can handle me. I love my family but will never discuss them. I tolerate my day job but will only talk about it, and what I do, in generalities. This is about me trying to become an author now, not about what I do in the day to day though, there will be a little of that in the blog posts, none on Facebook or any other social media I may or may not use.

I will take all “advise” given with a grain of salt. I’m the sort to follow my gut over what someone tells me. If it doesn’t feel right to me, I’m not fucking doing it and not a soul on earth can make me. There are very few folks that I trust beyond anything in this world and, sorry to be blunt, you’re not amongst them. I trust my friends, ones I’ve had for years and years and know better than I do myself and I trust my family, who I have dirt on to blackmail them if they ever lead me astray.

So, let’s boil it down. Don’t fuck with me and I won’t have to dig out the big guns. Don’t mess with me or mine and I will do the same with you. Mutual respect is the name of this game. If you can’t give it, don’t fucking expect it back just because you are someone’s darling of the day. That shit gets old fast and, quite frankly my dear(s), I could fucking care less.

That’s it, me in a nut shell I guess. Oh, there is more, there’s always more, but that basically gives you the idea of who I am and what I will not ever tolerate.

Extend a hand in friendship and I will shake it. Stab me in the back and you’d better start running, far and fast.

Now, on a more happy-happy note, I’m off to cause mayhem in my characters lives ~ Moira

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