Brains still not fully in gear

It’s true, my brain is still sluggish and like it’s slipping a gear. For those out there that actually drive standard, you’ll know what I mean, for those who have only ever run around in their little automatics, tsk, tsk. But sadly, I fear that is the way the automotive industry is heading, automated everything so the driver doesn’t have to do anything but keep it on the road. Not that some folks are all that good at that.

But! That is a tirade for another day since I’m not currently driving anything. I shall keep my lips sealed on the insanity on the road. But should I ever have the need to get mobile again on wheels, oh…then there will be tirades. LOL!

No, I am doing my “part for the environment”. Which is an awesome spin on the fact that I can walk to work, the grocery store, the drug store, the BOOK store. Yeah, the BOOK store. I love going into a book store and breathing in the scent of the newly unpacked books fresh from some printing place somewhere. I love my iPhone and all the other iToys I have, they are great for travelling without hauling along my library to keep myself entertained during travel and down time. But there is honestly nothing better than a brand new book.

Opening it for the first time (though never the last), running your fingers down the paper whether it’s a trademark paperback or a hard cover book, doesn’t matter. The sensation of the ink on the page, the feel of the paper under your fingertips, that first paper cut to christen it in blood. Ah yes, good times.

So while I will always have a few hot reads on my iToy of the day, there is nothing better than the weight of a book in hand as you flip that crisp page to continue the journey with your favourite characters. But that’s just me and, wow, I have zero clue what this post was actually supposed to be about.

Huh… Well, I wrote a full post about not much of anything. Sounds like a “Seinfeld” episode to me, lol! If you’re too young to know what that is, you really shouldn’t be on this page.

Anyway, I may or may not have something to do. Honestly can’t remember, maybe I left myself a note. So I’m off ~ Moira

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