Wow! What a

Day! It was pretty good I have to say. Though a little bit of a never racking one at the same time.

Got my contract from the publisher today and had to steel myself to sign it. With a horrible online signature no less. Gawd it was awful looking, lol! And then, the really tense moment, hitting the submission button. Palms were sweating, hands shaking, my gut just a ball of nervous tension and… Off it went into cyberspace. ACK!

I was so totally nervous as I waited on the confirmation that all had gone well and it had been sent where it needed to go. Then it was over. The let down, the sudden loss of all tension in the muscles and I felt like a puddle of complete and total goo. I felt like I’d run a marathon and, trust me here, I don’t run for no reason. I might power walk if the need arose, but running – uh-uh – not EVER happening.

So, I’m committed -not white padded room with a jacket that will hug me- all the way. Talk about scary shit! Why is there not a “Dummies” book out there for us new authors? You know, something like, “Surviving your first submission from begging to end for Dummies”. I’d have bought that mofo so fast! Everyone would have felt that sonic blast from the speed with which that transaction would have been processed.

All right, that’s it for tonight. I think a good healthy and very stiff drink is in order. And maybe a little Internet ogling of fabulously hot hunks too. More news to come when it’s mine to share! ~ Moira

One comment on “Wow! What a

  1. Honor James says:

    Congratulations! I know you are going to love this publisher!

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