A little editor love

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First off, happy Sunday to all! Now that we have that out of the way…

While initially nervous (okay, petrified) of what I might find upon delving deeper into the edits for The Rhythm, Living Victorious 1, I can now say that I am completely crushing on my new editor. She rocks in ways I can’t even comprehend let alone expound upon. She is da bomb. Evernight Publishing has the BEST EDITORS EVER! This is a personal opinion of course, and potentially a little biased since I’ve never written with another publisher. but it’s my post so I can say whatever the heck I want. HA!

Having an editor I’ve never worked with prior getting their hands on one of my babies is beyond nerve wracking. But I shall give credit where it is due, this woman knows her stuff. Since joining Evernight I’ve had the pleasure of working with four of their editors. Laurie T., Jessica R., Karyn W., and the latest in this powerhouse lineup is Kerry G.

All these ladies have gone above, and beyond. They are helpful, instructive, and when something in your story tickles their funny bone they love to point it out. Each has their own style to editing, much the same as every author has their own process and style to writing. I have only been blessed by the attention each editor puts toward one of my books. Truly I could go on, and on about them for likely hours. I won’t. If I do I’ll never get anything else done today lol!

But now that all the edits are done, and back into my publisher’s hands for round two, I can focus on getting book 2 of this series closer to completion. The muse is on board given how well editing went, and all we learned from Ms. Kerry – tools which we shall use for this book, and all those to come after. So I shall leave you all to whatever endeavors you might have planned for your Sunday.

Stay cool out there, and have some fun. I have my coffee in hand, a movie on the boob tube, and ideas to write. ~ Moira

Windy Wednesday

Young Cute Man Taking Shower In BathroomHappy Hump Day everyone. As the title suggests, we had ourselves a very breezy day here in the city. But that’s not all I have to share – it was generally a very weird day. It likely has everything to do with the sleep that I didn’t get last night, but I had the damnedest time trying to remember what day it was. On top of that the weirdo count went through the roof at work. No, not just talking about my co-workers – we don’t count them since they are there every day – I mean the other weirdos. The ones that wander in off the street, or call with no clear reason as to why they are calling. It’s like they want to “chat” or some silly thing. I don’t have time for “chatting” during the day. I barely have time for what I have to get done during the day.

But it is over, thank goodness. Now I can spend my evening relaxing, watching some TV, and working on my second round of edits for Dangerous Reactions, C&M Security 6. I actually have the majority done but my editor found a couple other issues that I need to clean up. Nothing major thankfully, but they are making me think. Not a good plan for tonight so I may need to wait until the brain is functioning better. I’d really hate to write myself into an even worse corner my editor has to get me out of, lol!

What else is there to talk about? Oh, yes! Coming May 21, 2015 (that’s a Thursday if you were wondering) Evernight Publishing is having a Facebook Event – Summer’s Kick-Off Event to be exact. If you’re interested in joining feel free. There will be lots of authors, lots of prizes, and who knows what mayhem might ensue. You can join by clicking here – this will take you to the Facebook Event page, and click the “join” button.

Well that’s it for now. I may, or may not have more news later – but for now I must remain quiet. I know, I’m evil even mentioning it, but that is life. Until later everyone ~ Moira

Release Day!

FKOLIt’s here! It’s here! Oh my gawd, it’s here! Sadly I had to work through most of it but that’s okay, it kept my mind off the nerves I figure would have kicked in had I actually had any time to contemplate it all. And now that I’m home, I’m contemplating it and hello nerves LOL! I really hope this gets easier as I go along otherwise I may need to figure out how to expense a relaxation day at a spa or something.

On other fronts my second book for my series C&M Security is going very well. Been putting in some heavy duty time on it and it’s just trundling along amazingly well. I have reached a certain point in the book though where I’m trying to decide where to let the characters go. They are all screaming “let us break in!” while my head is going “that’s a bad, bad idea”. I’m leaning towards listening to my head on this one mainly because I’m not sure I want my poor characters to be *cough* criminals *cough* even for a good cause.

Sorry boys, no breaking and entering is in your future. Don’t need to let these guys set that sort of precedent. Who knows what else they’d talk me into in the future. Let your characters do one little break in and then they think they can do anything. Nope, not happening.

Well, I think that’s all I have for tonight. All the buy links have been added to the Forever Kind of Love page that are currently available. I’ll add more in as they go live. Have a wonderful night all ~ Moira

It really

Doesn’t get any easier the second time around. Submitting I mean. I just submitted my second story to the publisher. A wee bit different from the first book I wrote and submitted. It’s definitely harder edged with a lot of danger and (if I did it right) undercurrents through the story line.

Not sure if it will get picked up but I’m hopeful. I have a few more books planned for the series so we’ll see how the first is received before I worry too much about the others.

But, now it’s out of my hands for the moment. Which means that, in theory, I can relax and go onto other projects. In theory. Not sure how that will work but I do have a few things I need to do so I shall turn my mind to those projects while the stuff I can’t control goes about it’s business way out of my hands. Cause that just sounds like so much fun, lol!

It’s been a pretty good weekend here. A little chilly yesterday with some overcast but today is looking marvellous. Lots of sun and almost zero breeze so the heat is actually reaching our pasty flesh to help thaw us out from the cold that was winter. A very welcome and definite change. But I’m not holding my breath that it’s here to stay. I’ve lived here too long to think that we won’t see at least one last winter squall roll through. Which, considering we haven’t even hit May yet, would be pretty much a bungee jump without checking you’re hooked to anything.

So maybe I will go out and soak in some UV rays. Have a good day everyone ~ Moira

Trying to

Figure out the big reveal. In my current WIP I mean. I’m kind of leaning towards building it up a little more and, honestly, I’ve been going with my gut on all of this anyway so I think I’ll follow it once more.

I could do the reveal sooner but I think the tension needs to be built up more. Yes there’s definitely some now, the back story, the current troubles but I think it needs to be bigger. If I reveal it too soon then I’m worried this will piss of the readers. Which would be seriously bad. So very bad.

Don’t want a lynch mob coming for me after all, lol!

So, yeah, I’m going to prolong the “reveal” I think. It feels right and will make the story all the better. I hope. Well, I suppose there’s nothing to lose from at least trying it and seeing how it “feels”. If it doesn’t work I can always rewrite it, I suppose. But only if my Beta readers give me the thumbs down about it. I do rely on them, and my friend that got me headed down this path, to give me the nitty gritty of their thoughts. So far they haven’t led me astray.

All right, decisions made, I’m off to do some writing. Get this WIP to the big blow out of all blow outs. We’ll chat again later ~ Moira

Wow! What a

Day! It was pretty good I have to say. Though a little bit of a never racking one at the same time.

Got my contract from the publisher today and had to steel myself to sign it. With a horrible online signature no less. Gawd it was awful looking, lol! And then, the really tense moment, hitting the submission button. Palms were sweating, hands shaking, my gut just a ball of nervous tension and… Off it went into cyberspace. ACK!

I was so totally nervous as I waited on the confirmation that all had gone well and it had been sent where it needed to go. Then it was over. The let down, the sudden loss of all tension in the muscles and I felt like a puddle of complete and total goo. I felt like I’d run a marathon and, trust me here, I don’t run for no reason. I might power walk if the need arose, but running – uh-uh – not EVER happening.

So, I’m committed -not white padded room with a jacket that will hug me- all the way. Talk about scary shit! Why is there not a “Dummies” book out there for us new authors? You know, something like, “Surviving your first submission from begging to end for Dummies”. I’d have bought that mofo so fast! Everyone would have felt that sonic blast from the speed with which that transaction would have been processed.

All right, that’s it for tonight. I think a good healthy and very stiff drink is in order. And maybe a little Internet ogling of fabulously hot hunks too. More news to come when it’s mine to share! ~ Moira

Hello World!


I am a brand new author though I’ve written for as long as I can remember. I often help out a friend of mine who is already an established author, an amazing author – with plot details and when she get’s stuck on a word.

Recently I finished, as in from beginning to end, my first story. Oh, I have hordes that I’ve never been able to finish for one reason or another, but this one I’m quite proud of. I asked my friends opinion about it, letting her read through it of course, and she told me to submit it, now! Pretty much her words on the subject.

I was more than a little unsure about doing it but figured, what the heck, what could it hurt? So, I did it all up nice and pretty and sent it off (she had a recommendation that I went with) and now it’s just a waiting game to see what they think. Who knows, may actually get something out of this.