Lazy Sunday

Just writing away. Not much else on my plate today so I figured I’d do a little writing. Which turned into a lot of writing. Apparently my characters had something to say to me and the world. They are being surprisingly cooperative. Which is a huge bonus I find. Much better than when I have to twist their arms or water board them to get what I want.

The one I’m working on today is something different, a potential series – maybe. It has the prospect anyway but I’m not worrying about any book two or three along the same lines, not yet. Gotta get this one out of my head first before I do something silly like thinking about others. But it’s going pretty well – up to 8600 words in three days of writing it. Well, only if you count yesterday when I went back and did some alterations to my antagonist. Had to make him a little scummier than he was coming off. And, I’m not sure, but I may have overdone it just a smidge. He is definitely not someone any reader will like.

Been pounding away at it today for about two-thirds of the word count, it’s doing that well. I do so love when it just flows, makes me a much happier writer. But now I have numb bum syndrome and need to get up and off the computer for a while. Which is okay, I’ve reached a good spot that I can do that at. And who knows what will pop into my head as I run around doing errands all in an attempt to regain feeling in my lower extremities, lol!

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday ~ Moira

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