Well folks,

Evernight-FamilyIt’s official! And now I can tell you all just who my publisher will be. I’m happy to announce that I signed on with Evernight Publishing and am now a part of the family over there. Squee! Very excited.

And absolutely terrified, lol! This shit just got real people. It’s actually happening. Holy moly, it’s ACTUALLY happening. Wow! I think I need to sit down. Oh, wait, I am sitting down.

So, my first book ever will be coming out roughly in May 2014. No firm date, of course, this is still the early days. The book is titled Forever Kind of Love though this may change if the publisher feels something else would better suit. I will put up the book cover as soon as I have it but, in the mean time, if you go over to the Coming Soon tab for a little sneak peek into the story. Just remember, it’s all pre-edits so…be kind people! LOL!

All right, that’s all I’ve got for the moment. I’m off to let this sink in a little more and do some writing on the potential book 2 I might have come out. ~ Moira

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