Oh my horribly

Aching joints and muscles! Ack! Whoever said a desk job puts little to no strain on your body has never worked at my lurverly place of employment. By boss is a sadist I swear! His motto is, if you don’t feel the burn by noon and are ready to die by the end of the day than you have not worked hard enough.


The reason why, you may or may not ask, but I’m telling you anyway because it’s my blog and I can so pfft! Because it’s his project, his baby, his blah, blah, blah… Whatever. If it’s anyone else’s, we get a m’eh. But if it’s his then we have to be all hands on deck for however long he can legally work our asses in a day.

A slave driver, that’s another accurate term for him.

Because he is. The man does not have an off switch. Again, if it’s his “baby”. Anyone else’s and we can’t get the time of day. Yeesh!

So, the point of all this… I ache, head to toe ache. OMFG! If I didn’t have enough coffee (aka: caffeine) running through my blood stream to power a small city for a week I’d try to sleep. But, I do. I’m a coffee addict. Sue me. Hopefully my body will burn through it quickly and then I can just pass out for however many hours I can manage and wake feeling…well, less achy is pretty much my only goal. LOL!

Off to hunt down some sort of muscle relaxant ~ Moira

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