I did it,

I broke through the 15k barrier. Whew! Don’t know why but that number gives me this overwhelming sense of relief. Is that strange? Probably, but no one (family included) ever said I was “normal”.

Hell, even I can’t say that with a straight face. One time I did get it out I only managed sincerity for ten seconds before I burst out laughing. Had tears streaming down my face and got to the point of that nifty little snort laugh. Which, of course, only makes you laugh harder because you’re now super funny sounding. Yeah, it’s a evil and vicious circle. LOL!

Anyway, broke through the barrier of my own personal hell. Which means that I’m so much more relaxed and at ease and everything is coming so much faster. Only draw back of that is that my fingers are having one hell of a time keeping up to my head!

Well, I think I need to run out to the store for some writing necessities (Pepsi, chocolate, you know – necessities). So until I remember to right again ~ Moira

One comment on “I did it,

  1. Little milestones help everyone along I think. It’s not weird, it’s just writing (o:

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