Holy crapballs,

I think Mother Nature is PMSing here in the west! I came home in a light snowfall (aka, the occasional flake drifting by) and now, 40 minutes later its a damned blizzard out there. Someone get that woman some Midol damn it!

On the other hand it’s Wednesday, happy hump day everyone, which means we’re on the slide down to the weekend. Only two more days, only two more days, only two more days. Thank goodness. If I have to deal with one more moron that can’t get the simplest of concepts through their thick skull I might just have to go freaky on their asses. And, trust me, it never ends well for them or anyone within the sphere of the freak. Course, it does make me feel better…at least until I have to do clean up.

In other news, the story number two is going along well. Broke through the 20k mark at some point last night. Gave me a giddy little thrill to be honest. But I know I’m in the home stretch as soon as I have the big confrontation for what I’ve been building up to. Still a little unsure which way I’m going with the big blow out. I have two options for how it can go, just need to decide which will be the biggest twist to throw the readers for a loop. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Oh well, that will be later. Tonight I’m catching up on what I’ve DVR’ed ~ Moira

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