Another chilly

Saturday, oh and it’s pretty damn gloomy too. Heavy cloud coverage, nasty little wind and it’s definitely looking like it just might snow again. Ick!

At least it’s the weekend and I’m inside. Writing to be specific actually. After sleeping in until my poor body actually felt rested. Though I am considering the idea of a nap. Ah, the joys of being an adult, lol! You can nap whenever you want – except at work, bosses frown on this stuff apparently – and doing what you want when you want. That and bills and other “responsible” crap that comes with the “adult” title.

I’m making pretty good headway on my latest WIP. Up and over the 10k word mark so I’m very happy. And it’s still coming along nicely and quite strong. Which is great, but my head is having ideas faster than my fingers can keep up – don’t you just hate that? I do as well, to a degree, but I’m writing all the little ideas down as I go so I don’t forget them. Not sure if I’ll actually use them in this story or in the next one or something else entirely. Who knows. I’m just glad my head is giving me a bunch of stuff, it’s kinda nice actually, especially given how quiet the voices were during the week. Not surprising really, I was too damned tired to write during the week – that’s what happens when you work for a slave driver of a boss.

Well, I have more coffee in hand and more to write so I’m out of here. Chat later ~ Moira

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