Happy Easter!

Since I will be sans-computer this weekend (I know, it’s horrible!), I thought I would send this out now. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and gets to eat way too much chocolate. I plan on indulging, heavily, since I won’t have a computer (ARGH!) and am really hoping it helps to keep me from wigging out.

Not placing any bets there, but I’m hopeful. I will be with my family and, while I love them all, they drive me to drink. Often.

In other news, just sent off the cover form for my latest accepted book by Evernight. This is the one that will be out in June. It is (tentatively) titled: Dangerous Times, C&M Security. It is book one of a five book series I currently have planned. There will be four books and then a prequel that will come out either part way through the series or right at the end. Not sure how I plan on mucking up your reading list yet but I will do it in a way that has you twitching. Promise.

I think that’s about it. I have a few things yet to finish getting ready for my early morning (ugh!) departure. So I think I will go do that, veg in front of the TV for a little while and then hit the sack. Good night, have a marvellous weekend, and I’ll see you on the flip side. ~ Moira

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