That wasn’t

Really so bad. The edits I mean, lol! A couple cups of coffee and a few minutes to read the editors notes and it went pretty smooth. There was really only a couple of times she, my editor, stumped me. One was over a word choice which, I admit, I had to dig the Thesaurus out to figure out what I wanted to use instead of the word in there. The second was something that was actually pretty easy to fix, once the caffeine kicked in.

So, I’ll give them one more read through and then shoot them back. Might as well. They gave me two weeks to get them done but it’s a really, really short story so I don’t think that time’s needed, at all. I will also admit to adding in a little note to my editor for being so kind to me for the first round. Laurie was an absolute doll and even put in a few amused comments about various parts. I even got a couple “I LOVE this!” out of her, woohoo! LOL! It’s nice to know that you can make your editor grin in between making her grind her teeth at your use of comma’s and stuff.

Yes, I admit I am an idiot when it comes to comma’s and, apparently, some issues with sentence structure. Again, that whole advice about “write how you speak” is coming back to bite me in the ass. But she was kind about it, thank goodness, and hopefully I will take something away from this. Like maybe a slightly better understanding of the English language structuring.

Likely not, but I hold out hope!

Whew! Now that that is out of the way and sent back in, I think I will switch over to something with a little more punch in the beverage department. That and figure out what I feel like cooking for dinner since about 99.999% of things are seriously frozen at the moment. Then I think I will dig out my latest WIP and see if I can’t beat some of these damned characters into some form of submission.

Until later everyone ~ Moira

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