Hello you gorgeous

Friday you! Long time no see. Where the hell have you been hiding you sexy beast? Guess it doesn’t really matter, you came back and, really, that’s what truly matters. And you brought your friend the weekend along with you! Perfect.

With it being the weekend I figure I’ll do a bunch of writing in between the usual household chores that are a must each week. And I think too, since I know my first release is coming up in the next month, that I shall turn my mind to what to do for this first release. It is epic, of course, firsts always are. So I will need to do something epic to memorialize it. Not the first clue yet what, but I will rack my brain and pick my friends too as she’s done this once or twice…or so.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at this slightly overcast and mildly chilly Friday evening. But, I have a bit of time yet – still have to see edits before I truly panic – so I will let the ideas mull around and go from there. Until then ~ Moira

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