Not a thing was accomplished today!

I did absolutely nothing today. Well, not exactly nothing, I have been watching a LOT of TV today. I found the entire (very short) season of Graceland and have been soaking it in. I sort of meant to watch it when the season was actually on but, well, I forgot and then it was over. [Insert pouty face here.]

But! Redemption was mine when we had it show up here as an all day thing. Taped them all and then just needed a weekend to myself to watch it. I have thoroughly been enjoying this show I have to admit. Lots of great characters, lots of wheelin’ and dealin’, lies, cover stories and shit that’s just waiting to hit the fan! I’m nearly done the season, I think it was ten shows in total, and I’m approaching the finale. Get to see if some of the lies are finally revealed and if the head guy, Briggs is the characters name, is found out. Sooooo exciting!


Haven’t done any writing this weekend, just haven’t felt the need yet. I might tomorrow if the weatherman continues to be right about the up and down weather though. We had a bit of sun today interspersed by hellish rain showers. Damn, that shit could’ve stripped paint off a car it seemed to be coming down so hard. Just glad I did my run to the store before it hit otherwise I’d likely still be wet.

That’s it! I have more TV to watch so I’m out of here ~ Moira

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