Just got word

That another of my books, this one the second in the C&M Security series, was accepted by Evernight. Still have to do the whole contract signing and such but it’s nice to know it didn’t get lost. LOL! Yeah, I was a little concerned it might have, but I should have known better. Only bad thing about submitting when the staff is off partying, you get stuck wondering just a little longer.

It’s a great way to end the weekend and start the new week I must admit. Will definitely make whatever work decides to throw my way a little easier to swallow. Hopefully.

On the new works front I finally have my Paranormal’s in line. Little buggers. Got a good start on them today and it seems to be flowing quite well. Unfortunately for one of the male characters he’s going to have to do a bit of work to win over the girl from the way this one’s going. M’eh, what’s a little suffering in the name of love right?

Oh! Finished up the Graceland marathon I had going. Very interesting ending I have to say. That and I cannot wait for the new season to begin here in June. Very excited to see where they take this. Now, I’m not huge on TV. I do have a couple series I watch but I’m really a movie person. Though I will admit that I tend to have the TV on while I’m writing, mostly for background noise and to give me something to focus on when I’m trying to think through a section I’m writing. I will say though that, if season two is anywhere near as good as season one was, I have myself another show to watch.

Well, I do believe that is it for the night. Just had to share the good news with everyone before I burst or something equally icky. ~ Moira

One comment on “Just got word

  1. Ela Stein says:

    Congrats, that’s great news!

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