Here comes book two…

dangerous-secretsHappy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is have a fabulous day. I know I am despite the very early hour I got up today, despite how late I hit my pillow last night – really it was earlier this morning. But up I did get, I was even very productive given how foggy minded I was. Did up a loaf of bread while I did a bit of cleaning, am now on a second pot of coffee and still need to get some shopping done as well as helping out a friend with a wee bit of a task. Bonus of staying up late last night, I got the bits and pieces for a little video promo.

Which, speaking of, is for book two of the C&M Security series. Dangerous Secrets will be out on August 13 – this coming Wednesday. For a look at what the book is about you can head over to the Dangerous Secrets page for a peek. There is also a video over there too from a fellow author, April Zyon who is also a part of the Evernight Family. I will post up the links as soon as I have them, Evernight will be first – of course – and likely Tuesday evening since they can get it posted quickly. Then with the others to follow as soon as I get them.

Now for a little something you might not know. I have a group set up on Facebook that are strictly for the readers of my works, or friends of readers, or just fans. If you, or anyone you know, is interested you should come on over. The group is called Moira’s Maidens since that’s what was the most liked option. There are exclusive sneak peeks, teasers and excerpts not found anywhere else, even on my personal or fan page. Right now there’s the entire first chapter of Dangerous Secrets up for anyone who’d like to join up. We even occasionally have cookies.

That’s it everyone. I have to get my butt in gear and get moving. Have a lovely day ~ Moira

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