Another month bites the dust

November 2014 - CalendarI can’t believe how fast they are going by. It’s crazy, crazy I say! As a kid you feel like a year drags by – except of course for your summer, and winter holiday breaks. Those blast past at shockingly high speeds. Then as an adult you’re finally able to “enjoy” life, pick a pace, and do your thing. No one ever mentioned that the older you get the faster the years speed past. And I’m pretty sure it’s picking up speed at some horrific rate.

That said I definitely need to get some time in on my book, and finish the sucker. This weekend is when I’ll be spending a good chunk of my time writing it. I’m all set too. First cup of coffee into the system, a movie on the TV that I’ve seen a few times so I’ll use it as background noise save for the couple of scenes I have to stop and giggle over. Fridge is full of snacks, and pizza will be the dinner of choice tonight so I don’t need to stop to cook anything. Barring anything catastrophic occurring *knock on wood* I should get in several solid hours of writing.

Now, before I get down to business I want to give a shout out to my winners from the Evernight Halloween Facebook Party. I had a fantastic time chatting with everyone during my hour, meeting new folks, and basically having a spooktacularly good time discussing all the fun things we do on All Hallows Eve. The winners were, as follows:

  • 1 copy of a Back List Book – Kimberly T.
  • 1 copy of my upcoming ARC for C&M Security 4, Dangerous Circumstances – Liz C.
  • And the flash giveaways for the $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards were – Lynne R., Kat B., and Marie M.-W.

A huge thank you to the winners, and everyone else that participated. It was a blast, and a half of fun to say the least. Now I need to get to work on the next instalment so I’m off to other parts of my computer. Have a great weekend ~ Moira

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