Sunny Sunday

SunshineIt’s more than a little chilly here right now, but the sun is out currently, and shining brightly so hopefully it warms up a bit as the day progresses. Though the weather network appears to be mildly confused on what’s going to happen with the local weather. Doesn’t matter really since I need to get to writing today.

So much to do, and so many weird ideas swirling around in my head. Hopefully some of them actually pertain to the stories I’m working on. Today’s focus will be on the C&M book, really need to get this puppy done and out to the readers. After that’s done I can focus on the other stories demanding notice from me.

On that note I’m off to get these opinionated, and stubborn characters in line, and see what I can drag out of them today in way of their story. Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, talk soon ~ Moira

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