Starting to enjoy this

And, by “this”, I of course mean the wonderful weather. Cause, come on, snow is great and all…for the first two hours and then it sucks for the next six months. So the fact that we have temps in the pluses -and I’m talking in Celsius not Fahrenheit- is a huge plus. Especially in March!

Of course, being Canadian, I also know that it won’t be that easy to slip free of the shadow of evil that is winter. Not at all. No, there will be at least one more major snow storm that tries to beat us all down into shivering balls of goo. But it won’t win, never does, and we shall come out all the better for it.

As we shade our eyes unused to the bright sunlight, our pasty white skin blinding even to ourselves as we soak up the too long without heat of the sun. Slipping out of our bulky gear of protection against the frosty temperatures we once again enjoy not being weighted down to withstand gale force winds of ice, sleet and snow trying to sandblast our flesh from our bones. It is a most glorious time, dear friends, glorious indeed!

You may have guessed I’m slightly upbeat about this whole warming trend we apparently are on. And I am so-o-o-o-o not going to argue with anyone about the fact that we’re going to be sitting above that zero mark (32F for the rest of you) for the next fourteen days – according to the Weather Network. Fingers crossed they aren’t lying to us but, really, they are weather people so we know they have to be lying about something.

But, that’s all I have to say tonight as I sit with my patio door open enjoying the slight breeze drifting in. Yup, windows are open biotches! HA! Night ~ Moira

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