Nothing much

Going on here tonight. Just mucking and messing around. Working on potential book number two. No real clue what it’s about yet just in that stage of getting a few ideas on paper, okay it’s a word doc – same diff, and trying to figure out who my character might be for this ride.

So far I have a gal who thought she knew who she was only to have it all ripped away and rearranged into what her life becomes. Then there’s the guy, he’s got presence and a whole lot of alpha going on with a hint of vulnerability. Pretty much how I like all my guys. In my head I see him as knowing just who he is and where he’s going in the world until she shows up and scrambles his brains. Whereas she doesn’t have a clue who she is until she finds him and then she’s on a mission.

No, this isn’t like a Mission Impossible thing – great movies though – but more of finding some sort of purpose I guess. Anyway, it’s still in the early days, very much a new born babe if you will. And, honestly, I never truly have any idea where something is going until I’m on the road with the characters and suddenly discover I’ve been kidnapped and have no choice but to keep riding along. Yes, my characters like to hijack my perfectly planned ideas and add in their own twist on things. Pretty sure a lot of authors could say the same.

Well, that’s it for tonight, I think I’ll go see what havoc I can create by starting this puppy. Have a good one all ~ Moira

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  1. Laura Gren says:

    Heello mate nice blog

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