Heard back

From my bestie about the new prospective book and got the thumbs up from her. So I’m just getting it ready to submit – worst part of this whole process I think – and should be shooting it off tomorrow at some point.

On other fronts I’m doing all my prep for the new book I’m thinking on. So far I have a horde of folks, a bunch of background and a lot of neat little facts and shit I can use in it. No story yet started but that’s step number…let’s see, it should be around, twenty I think from what I’ve got done already. LOL! Should be a fun little book to write. It will likely be short though but I’m thinking it too, like my second book, will be a series.

Which should be great, I can flip flop back and forth between the two and keep everything fresh and interesting. No clue how long either series will be, though I think the first one (the one I’ll be subbing) will be shorter, likely around the 4 maybe 6 book mark. The second one (the one I’m prepping) will be longer – no clue how long though.

Guess it doesn’t rightly matter at this point, I have to write the book first to get it started before I really worry about the length of the series. LOL! Ah, but that’s me, getting ahead of myself just for the hell of it. Oh well.

That is it I think for tonight, I’m off to do some more work on these folks for my next book. Have a good night all ~ Moira

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