I got it

Finished. My latest WIP I mean. Done, completed, ended. Sooooo happy!

It’s off with a friend for the first read through to give me some thoughts, insights and all that other stuff from a non-biased-about-how-wonderful-it-is point of view. After that I’ll give it another read through and, hopefully, find anything I goofed up on before I dare to submit it. Course, I’m still flinching over a boo-boo I left in on the first one I subbed so I’ll be giving this one a really thorough look over.

And, because my brain is apparently not taking any down time, I already have another one beginning to form in my head. So far all I see is ménage, shifters (unknown what sort yet) and a fight to the death. This will be my first ménage and also my first paranormal that I’ll be writing in the hopes of submitting. I love paranormal romance, love, love, love! it. I’ve been a fan for years of the paranormal romance genre. Heck, I have bookshelves full of paranormal romance (intermingled with historical romance, contemporary romance, mysteries, horror and a few others that don’t just fit one genre) that basically got me into writing. All those amazing authors and their wild and amazing worlds are to fault. I fully blame them! Shame on you, you wonderful and sensation writers you!

On another topic, sorry ahead of time for this, what the EVER LIVING FUCK IS UP WITH FACEBOOK?! Okay, I know that’s bad, using a question mark and then an exclamation mark but pfft!, it’s my page. And my rant. Seriously, what drug addled fool actually thought that screwing with the way Facebook was set up (again I should mention) was a bright idea? Really?! (I know, I know – shush) First they change how things are seen, then they change how things are secured, then they change how we (the users) get feeds from sites – sites we LIKED!!!! I should mention – because “they know best” (NOT!) and now they are changing the entire flow of shit…AGAIN! This would be why people are annoyed with you Facebook. Really? You aren’t getting this point yet? Do you not actually read and listen to the stuff people TELL you? Obviously not because, if you did, you’d know that not one of us actual users like the fact you keep screwing with our pages. Especially without the option of, oh I don’t know, opting the fuck out of your hair brained ideas!

Okay, end of rant. I’m sorry…but I had to say something. It’s been bugging my ass since I signed on today (I was only off for two days for the love of god!) and saw the idiocy unfolding before my very eyes. Ugh! Again, sorry.

All right, I have things to write down for this potential new story before my brain tucks it in a dark corner somewhere never to be found again. ~ Moira

PS – Spring has sprung at my end of Canada! Shh, don’t tell anyone, they might take it back.

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