Writing like mad

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there, mine in particular. As well, a very happy birthday to my mother. Gotta love it when I can send one big gift and cover both LOL! But I always go big or go home, you have to with your mother. After all, as mine so quaintly likes to put it (though I am paraphrasing slightly), she brought me into this world and she can damn well take me out. Now all I have to do is call and sing her a big ol’ happy b-day. And I can’t sing – but hell, it’s tradition now and expected.

While I await the golden hour to call her I’ve been working on my second instalment to my series. I’m hoping to have it finished either today or possibly tomorrow and then I can submit it and hope they accept it. I’m relatively sure they will but one never knows until the message comes through. But that’s the worries for later. First I need to finish the damned thing, lol!

I’m getting close to the big finish, just some details to slip in here and there leading up to the final reveal of the bad guy for this one. While both stories are romances there’s also an edge of mystery to them as well and some intrigue. That’s sort of the goal of the series. Give the readers something to hang onto while the relationship between the main characters develop and, hopefully, give them a satisfactory ending to the build up of what brought the characters together in the first place. It definitely wasn’t originally planned to go this way but I’m working with what my characters are giving me. And this is the path they chose so I’m just trucking along and hoping for the very best.

Thankfully the editors over at Evernight have been awesome so far. Well, the one I’ve worked with to this point has been awesome. I do still have my comma problem but I’ve been desperately trying to work on it. Trying to use them only when they are actually needed and work with the sentence structure. I guess we’ll see when edits come back if I’ve managed to tame them a little. I’m hopeful but thinking I have a ways yet to go.

Well, I think that’s it for today. Off to go write some sex into my book and figure out what dinner will be for tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and, again, Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there. You are awesome, you are strong and you help us find our paths in life. Never give up ~ Moira

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