Need more coffee…


Yup, that pretty much covers my feelings on this day so far. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I swear, my brain is like a narcoleptic hamster on an acid trip that’s stuck clinging to his wheel as it spins madly out of control. Think on that one a while, it’s not a pretty vision. What this all boils down to is a lack of any form of concentration on my WIP. Not a good thing. Need to get this puppy put to bed so I can get rolling on the next one that is already harping on the brain. Thankfully with that deranged hamster in control it’s a pretty low drone of harping, way-way in the distance of my head. For the moment.

It’s when it finally manages to get past the off-his-rocker hamster that I need to truly concern myself with. Don’t need that kind of pressure riding me, from myself no less, to finish my book. Nope, totally not required, needed, nor wanted. With that in mind I intend to caffeinate myself a little more and get to work.

As long as I’m not vibrating too hard of course. It is incredibly difficult to type when your body is vibrating out of control. Though I do find it leads to some funny out takes of what a scene could be with one misplaced word. One word – all it takes to change a scene if it’s the “right” word in a key moment of the scene.

But that’s an entirely different story for maybe another day. Maybe. Right now I’m off to refill the mug, focus with laser guided accuracy on my WIP and get to work! At least that’s the plan. Though I know better than to plan too much, too far along the way. I always end up derailing myself with something… OH! SHINY! As I was saying, best not to get too far ahead. Coffee, writing, all other things of distraction are on the back burner.

Okay… I’m going in. Have a great Sunday folks! ~ Moira

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