Another one off to the Publisher

Yup, you read that right, I’ve sent off another book to Evernight for consideration for publication. This would be book 4 of the C&M Security series. Amidst some not so minor heart palpitations, and mild hyperventilating I managed to hit the “send” button on the email. And away it went. Good gawd it doesn’t get any easier.



But, it’s off and in their hands now. Which means it’s all a waiting game of thumb twiddling, and inbox stalking. Not that I do that, the thumb twiddling I mean. Too much to try and get out of my head, and into a document after all. As soon as one is done, it’s onto the next in line. In this case it’s book 5 which will start out practically at the end of the story before I very drastically rewind to give the readers all of the details as to how the characters ended up there. It’s a different structure from the other books, but I like that about this series. Mixing up how I go about revealing the bad guy, how I tell the story the characters have to share, and how I end up getting everyone out of whatever mess they have found themselves in.

Though I will admit it occasionally makes my head ache. I’ve found myself in the proverbial corner a couple of times in the four books so far, and had to backtrack to figure out how to get out of said corner, or had to do a bit of rewriting to ensure it all worked out as planned. Not that I really “plan”. I mean, I have an idea of what I’m going to write, have a clue where the story is going, and even know who the bad guy is. But the characters are the ones that really drive the story. They tell me if I need to go left, or right, and what’s coming next. They are also the ones that usually get me stuck in that damned proverbial corner then abandon me to go off and do whatever it is that characters do while their author is pulling out her hair.

I think that’s it, I’m off now to get working on book 5. I can already hear the incessant chatter of that set of characters. Until next time ~ Moira

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