It’s practically

The weekend! Holy hell, thank you great calendar gods! This weekend honestly could not come quickly enough.

Yes, I know there is still Friday to survive. But I’ve made it this far this week, which was horrid and a half at work, so one more day I can handle. Probably with a lot of caffeine and, when that quits working, lots of alcohol.

Been doing absolutely zero writing this week. Too damn tired by the time I get home to even try to think of anything. Thankfully my characters are being considerate and, beyond a couple low grade murmurs, have been leaving me in peace. Unfortunately I see that coming back to bite me on the ass this weekend when I am well rested once more and settle in for a writing session. On the other hand, it could be good, to get the story in progress done.

But that is later, one more day to survive at the old grindstone. With that thought in mind I do believe I will get some sleep. Night all! ~ Moira

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